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Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Failure of Trickle-Down Economics

A great speech. Sen. Bernie Sanders, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, talks about the failure of trickle-down economics.

In my view there is a war going on in this country. […] against the middle class, against the American standard of living, and against The American Dream. […] The economy is growing in a way that is leaving most of our citizens no better off. […] Left unchecked, widening disparities in wealth and opportunity can give rise to dangerous levels of social unrest. […]

My Republican friends believe that the economy will grow if we just give more tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and the largest corporations in America. They refer to this top 1% as the ‘makers’ or the ‘job creators,’ and they insist if we rub their bellies just right, […] we can coax them into building an economy that will work for everyone. That’s called trickle-down economics. […]

The only problem with that theory is that it has been tried, and the evidence is overwhelming that it has failed. […]

Trickle-down economics is a fraud. It works for the very wealthy. It does not work for working families. The job of this Congress is to protect the middle class and working class, and not just billionaire campaign contributors.

— Sen. Bernie Sanders

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  • Everyone that truly cares should make a point of getting Bernie Sanders in the news. Tell people about him, write to media outlets about him, blog about him, comment on other blogs – whatever it takes. Even without him winning the 2016 election, we can change the discussion to actual issues by getting his message to more people.

    Corporate media will wave flags and talk about Iran, Syria, e-mail accounts, celebrities, fake Obamacare nightmares – anything to distract from the true problems in the U.S. – a fake democracy run by wealthy sociopaths who want more money than they can spend, creative thinkers in jail, the entire economy privatized & deregulated and a continually shrinking working class pummeled into obedience.

    Thanks for posting Bernie. Peace.

  • People making up to $50,000 get their Social Security withholding for the year returned like a tax refund. $50,000 and above, all the way up to hedge fund operators who make $billions per year, pay equal percentage of Social Security withholding. Call it the “99% Solution”.

  • Reblogged this on sliceofheaveninsweden and commented:
    It is in my humble opinion that Considering the core of the Alliances politics was and is” the theory of trickle- down economics”. Senator Sanders eloquently points out it does not work. Former Prime Minister Reinfeldt idolized the USA economics and corporate system. He made it quite clean Bill Clinton was his idol. He started to change Sweden to move into the USA model. Private Medical health insurance is being sold and preferential medical treatment is given to those who can afford it. We can see how under selling of utility companies, privatizing hospitals, schools, medical centers… has had disaster affects here in Sweden. After reading about the TTIP I realize that this was done in preperation to clear the way for this treaty. We should be building and refining what was wrong with the Swedish sytem that we had before! It is in my humble opinion that the problem was nothing other than bad management and planning. … Streamlining waste by the administration exorbatant cost and salaries and modernizing our sytem to meet the countries needs today… You do not throw the baby out with the bath water. I did not say it was a perfect system. The ball is now in the New government to make positive changes in Sweden.

  • Wow I have never heard of this Senator before,but I am impressed that anyone in the USA government would be that honest and tell the truth about The trickle down economics being a fraud and failure that it truly is. I hope that the US citizens are listening to his message.

    I am reblogging this

    • Bernie Sanders is one of the finest Senators who ever lived. From the State of Vermont. He is an Independent, but caucuses with the Democrats.

      He just became ranking member in the Senate Budget Committee. With that power, he intends to break up the Big Banks.

      Sanders may run for President in 2016. He is looking to see if there is a strong enough grassroots movement ready to fight extremely powerful special interests. Willing to lead the way, he won’t take on that alone. People power is necessary.

      Up to this point, I have felt the grassroots movement was not strong enough to support Bernie. But when The People see how Bernie is going to shake things up, they are going to understand that they can fight against Big Money, and then they’ll get behind him.

      A lot of people don’t know Bernie Sanders, even though he may run for President. The mainstream media barely covers him. When they do, it is often in a condescending manner.
      But no matter how facetious the question, Sanders firmly steers the interview back to important issues.

      Like Elizabeth Warren, he is not easily manipulated. :-)

      Thanks very much for sharing the post!

      • I think Senator Bernie Sanders would be a far better president than Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush. Bernie Sanders is more likely to bring positive changes, but he would need the voters to vote for a senate and house of represenatives to help him get the job done.

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