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Dartmouth Launches #BlackLivesMatter Course

Not bad, for a ‘leaderless’ movement: Dartmouth College offers a course on #BlackLivesMatter.

Dartmouth Launches #BlackLivesMatter Course

#BlackLivesMatter has been a hashtag, a mantra, a movement and now it’s a college course.

This spring, Dartmouth College will offer a new class, ’10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter,’ which will examine race, violence and inequality through current events and throughout history.

The 2014 deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York during confrontations with police sparked conversations on social media and protests around the world, including Dartmouth’s Hanover, New Hampshire, campus.

‘Even though we might be sort of cloistered away in the ivory tower or something, we felt very much moved by, incited by, inspired by a lot of the activists’ work following the failure to indict Darren Wilson after the events in Ferguson,’ said Aimee Bahng, an assistant professor of English at Dartmouth.

— Jamie Gumbrecht, CNN

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