Florida: Awake the State

Florida: Awake the State

Awake the State is a platform from which every Floridian can make their voice heard. Right now, all Florida residents may join in the Progressive Bills Survey to express which issues they think are most important.

It’s time to Awake The State and fight for a Florida that works for every Floridian, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

Tell us what progressive bills you think Awake The State should prioritize. The five bills that receive the most votes will be featured at our Awake The State events on the first day of Florida’s legislative session, Tuesday, March 3rd.

— Awake the State

Vote on Florida’s Top Progressive Bills

Let your voice be heard. At the survey site, choose five bills from among the following:

  • ANTI-CORRUPTION ACT: Lowers the individual campaign contribution limit to $250, allows Floridians who contribute to state and local campaigns to request a rebate of up to $25. This proposal would restrict the influence of big money in campaigns, empower small donors, and provide the foundation for a more citizen funded election process.
  • CITIZEN INITIATIVE AMENDMENT: Proposes an amendment to the Florida Constitution creating a citizen initiative process. An initiative process gives Floridians an important tool of direct democracy: the ability to vote to create or modify state law without having to amend the Florida Constitution. Currently, 24 states have an initiative process.
  • CLEAN ENERGY ACT: Requires the state of Florida to receive 40% of its energy from non-nuclear renewable sources by 2030. Florida faces serious challenges due to the global threat of climate change, and we should immediately position our state to take advantage of increasingly cheap sources of renewable energy.
  • COMPETITIVE WORKFORCE ACT: Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Currently, Floridians can be fired from a job, denied housing, and more simply for being LGBT, and this proposal would make this kind of discrimination illegal.
  • EARNED SICK DAYS: Requires businesses to provide their employees with an earned sick day policy. Too many Floridians can’t take time off to recover from illness or take care of a sick child or loved one.
  • EXPAND HEALTH CARE: Implements expansion of Florida’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act to close the coverage gap. Expansion would provide access to quality health care for nearly one million Floridians who lack basic health security.
  • FAIR ECONOMY ACT: Closes the combined reporting loophole which allows multi-state corporations to dodge taxes; eliminates the corporate tax exemption for LLCs and Subchapter S corporations; and reinstates the intangibles tax. This proposal would conservatively raise around $1.75 billion annually and make Florida’s tax code more progressive by making wealthy Floridians pay their fair share.
  • INVEST IN FLORIDA ACT: Requires online sellers who sell products and services in Florida to pay sales tax, something brick and mortar businesses are required to do; earmarks one third of revenue for school construction and repair (PECO Fund), one third for repairing roads and bridges (Transportation Trust Fund), and one third for affordable housing (Sadowski Trust Fund.) A better enforced online sales tax would raise around $2 billion annually, and this proposal would put Floridians back to work building infrastructure critical to our state’s future.
  • LIVING WAGE AMENDMENT: Proposes an amendment to the Florida Constitution raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, indexed to inflation. Floridians who work hard should be able to pay for basics like food and rent, provide for their families, and contribute to their local economy.
  • RIGHTS RESTORATION AMENDMENT: Proposes an amendment to the Florida Constitution that restores the voting rights of someone convicted of a felony upon completion of their sentence. Floridians who have paid their debt to society should have their voting rights immediately restored. More than one million Floridians cannot vote because of a past conviction.
  • TESTING FAIRNESS ACT: Moves Florida to one national norm test given once a year for diagnosing strengths and weaknesses of students. Florida’s current overuse of testing disrupts valuable classroom time better spent on teaching and learning.
  • WATER PROTECTION ACT: Requires the Department of Environmental Protection to establish minimum flow levels for first and second magnitude springs; requires local governments to adopt seasonal fertilizer ordinances; bans the process known as “fracking” statewide. Florida faces a major challenge in both water quality and quantity and needs to take substantial steps to protect our water.

Go to the survey.

Awake the State is organized by Progress Florida, Florida Watch Action, and America Votes.


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