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Burlington, VT is 100% Renewable

Burlington, VT is the first city in the U.S. to achieve 100% renewable energy for its power needs. Here’s how they did it…

Burlington, Vermont, the state’s largest city, recently became the first in the country to use 100 percent renewable energy for its residents’ electricity needs. In a state known for socially conscious policies, the feat represents a milestone in the growing green energy movement. NewsHour’s William Brangham reports on the implications for the country’s green movement.

— PBS NewsHour

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  • The Burlington story speaks of a commendable achievement, JoAnn… What a relief to visualise a scenario sans the smoke-spewing funnels of conventional power stations and industrial units and the salutary impact thereof on the environment. The successful initiative needs to be replicated across all 50 states of America and other geographies as far as possible. In India, at least two states, Gujarat and Karnataka, have made significant strides in solar power generation even though achieving 100% non-conventional and renewable power generation may still be several years away. The point is the shift to non-conventional energy is capital intensive imposing enormous cost burden on developing economies across Asia and Africa virtually constraining their growth and hence not viable. The advanced economies that had access to resources and unbridled growth over the earlier centuries are now duty bound to support the developing economies to migrate to renewable energy while concurrently maintaining the growth momentum. This way it will result in a win-win-win for all. I would request that you go through my latest blog post titled ‘The Year That Was’ and feedback with your comments, as it highlights the ongoing stress on the environment…best wishes… Raj.

      • Thanks JoAnn for the informative video footage. No responsible country will evade responsibility on environmental conservation, all are stake holders and everyone must work in unison. The largest Asian partners, India and China, together with other countries are equally committed to reduce emission levels; because we either swim or sink together…smile and enjoy your weekend… Raj.

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