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Rev. Billy Talen: Crazy Legendary Singing, Anti-Corporate Preacher

Rev. Billy Talen. Not a real Reverend. A real Activist. Here’s his background and an update of his recent protest actions.

The Craziest Thing about This Legendary Singing, Anti-Corporate Preacher Is That He Isn’t Real

A Calvinist kid goes rogue.

The man, known as Reverend Billy, spoke with an intensity that held the attention of sign-toting protesters and stone-faced National Guardsmen.

“It is no accident that actions are taking place in 37 states at the present time,” he said. “The murder of Michael Brown is in all of us.”

Behind Reverend Billy was his choir, a set of performers and activists known as The Church of Stop Shopping, who channeled the locals’ energy by singing civil rights protest standards and echoing his declarations to the crowd.

At 64 years old, this is Reverend Billy’s life. He, the Church, and his wife, director Savitri Durkee, protest everything from consumerism to fracking to race relations and spend their days disrupting the businesses of JPMorgan Chase, Disney, Starbucks, and the half-dozen other corporations he’s singled out as the destroyers of America and Planet Earth. He’s gained a following that is at once fervently spiritual and radically political. When there is a cause or an injustice that needs protesting, from New York to California, he’s there preaching, demonstrating, and, on more than 50 occasions, getting arrested.

— Harrison Jacobs, Business Insider

Aware & Fair has spotlighted the Rev. Billy several times. Watch him in action:


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