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Call to ‘Let Greece Breathe’ Sweeps Europe

Map of Solidarity with the Greek People against Austerity demonstrations all around Europe

Call to ‘Let Greece Breathe’ Sweeps Europe

With the left-wing Syriza government not backing down on its electoral mandate to tackle austerity policies, despite ongoing pressure from other European governments, progressive movements across Europe are expressing their solidarity with Greece this weekend.

— teleSUR

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  • Austerity measures just dwindle the real economy of European countries and especially in the case of Greece, the plan was not fitted for this country. No major investments have been made in Greece from Europe instead of asking of austerity, Spain’s debt as well is unsustainable. Ireland has made a lot of progress that’s fair enough (even if Ireland’s debt remains unsustainable) though but Greece poor people became even more poor with no future hopes in Europe.

  • The EEC must carry Greece and hand-hold them by setting clearly defined fiscal goals to be scrupulously followed by Greece, regardless of the complexion of the government in power. After all, the adage, tough times do not last but tough people do, cannot be lost on those concerned…

  • “…progressive movements across Europe are expressing their solidarity with Greece this weekend.”

    Well that is good news! And may Greece continue to go forward and not back down due to the pressure put on Greece by ‘other European governments’.

    • Yes! I think Greece and other European countries decimated by austerity are not going to let this go. They are fighting mad. (All nonviolent, I hope, for their sake.) Let’s hope for the best.

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