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Wolf PAC Hawaii Unanimously Takes House of Representatives

The Hawaii House of Representatives just passed a resolution to get money out of politics… unanimously. Now, it needs to pass the Hawaii State Senate.

Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks discusses the Wolf PAC as it becomes poised to take Hawaii by storm.

The Wolf PAC is an organization by The Young Turks that desires to stop nefarious money from controlling our politicians and our lives. The best part? You can help. We’ve moved through several states already and in our quest to bring this to the federal level our next move is to take the Wolf PAC to Hawaii. Live in Hawaii? You can help by following the link below. Don’t live in Hawaii? Share our video on social media and encourage your friends from our great 50th state to get money out of our politics.

— The Young Turks

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  • Capping political greed seems like a good idea if someone can find a safe means for it that passes Constitutional muster, that works and that the politicians can’t get around. So far, it seems not to have happened …(Those who want the money, make the laws and appoint the judges.)

  • Not sure how big money has the alleged influence(except for unchallenged smear) because the literature I get, the more robo calls, the more radio and TV ads , the less inclined I am to vote for the person. It’s kinda like they invade my life.

    • Thanks for your comment, Lozzafun! CEL-E-BRATE! is right!

      Still… most people have no idea the anti-corruption movement is so strong. Crazy, heh? We should all be shouting news like this from the roof tops.

    • I know how you feel…those of us waking up to the corruption and victimization of humanity are looked at like we have 3 heads!… But I also know that I was once totally in the dark and I understand that ‘awakening’ is difficult… for some it poses deep grief… I have a friend who was explaining some truth about our gov and politics (he was military)…. I said to him “no way!…they wouldn’t do that!”… He said ‘OK, prove it to me”… So I went looking to prove him wrong and all I found was the evidence that proved him …right… It was NOT my favorite day!

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