SisterGiant - Awakening our Conscience, Restroring our Democracy

March 28-29, 2015 – Conscious Citizenship and Political Change

Marianne Williamson presents the Sister Giant Conference on March 28-29 in Los Angeles and via livestream. (For both women and men!) It will be a deep conversation about conscious citizenship and political change. From getting money out of politics to racial justice and mass incarceration, from the corruption of our food supply to how to build a more peaceful world, from spiritual enlightenment to political transformation, it’s a weekend to dig deep and fly high.

See the heroes who will be speaking: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, Elizabeth Kucinich, Lisa Bloom, Thom Hartmann, Congressman Alan Grayson, Cenk Uygur, Seane Corne.

Scholarships to help defray the cost are available for the Los Angeles event and the livestream.

A Democratic Revolution

 This country is in our hands… Ignite your brain. Ignite your heart. Ignite the change.

— Marianne Williamson

Sister/Brother Giant 2015

This video was made by Varda Bar-Kar and Marianne Williamson.

Bernie Sanders FundRaiser

Bernie Sanders Fundraiser

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A fundraiser for Sen. Bernie Sanders will immediately follow Senator Sanders’ talk at the Sister Giant Conference. Thank Bernie for his leadership as an advocate for working families in the United States Senate. He will discuss the economic and political challenges facing the country and how we best move forward.