Barbra Streisand, actor, singer, composer, director, is also an activist. Here’s what she wrote yesterday in the Huffington Blog….

Have You Heard the Good News?

The frustration now is the lack of wage increases — an obstacle that must be overcome both by raising the minimum wage and our corporations rewarding the increase in productivity among our workers. Of course there’s not been an encouraging word from the GOP, which opposes any increase in the federal minimum wage. In fact, their 2016 frontrunner, Jeb Bush, does not think there should be a federal minimum wage.

The GOP does not care to understand the late Senator Paul Wellstone’s maxim, ‘We all do better when we all do better.’ Increasing wages means more economic demand for more goods and services, and boosts the economy. Somehow, Republicans remain intent on cutting taxes for the already rich and devastating domestic spending.


Are Republicans who control both houses of Congress interested in governing or will they remain stuck in their ideological corner? Their current approval rating of 11% does not seem to faze them, so the signs are not encouraging. In an unprecedented move, 47 Senate Republicans just signed a letter deliberately undermining both our President and important allies’ in the negotiation to halt nuclear arms proliferation by Iran.

So it looks like the facts be damned, the GOP has decided that the ideological corner is where they will remain. The voters will have a chance next year to change this.

— Barbra Streisand