Sen. Bernie Sanders will only run for president if The People are prepared to take on the billionaire class with him.

When you run on the platform I’m giving thought to running on, that is, taking on the military industrial complex, taking on Wall Street, taking on the insurance companies, taking on everybody – I have to ascertain if there is support in this country. Are there people prepared to take on the billionaire class? {…} Are people so demoralized, or are they prepared to jump into the political process?

No one else is going to tell you this. It may be that we are at a stage where we can’t beat these guys [billionaire class]. They’re just too powerful. But I believe in what I have got to do, and many of us, we got to continue the fight. We cannot let a handful of billionaires control the future of this country.

–Bernie Sanders YouTube channel

Are you with Sen. Bernie Sanders and his fight to restore American democracy? You need to let him know. You need to spread the word.

Many people want Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016. But she consistently refutes that idea. She likes her job as Senator. She would have to leave that office to run for President. What would we do if we didn’t have Sen. Warren in the Senate? As a Democrat, she is (almost single-handedly) shifting the Democratic Party to a more progressive stand. (Where it needs to be, if it wants to differentiate itself from the Republican Party.)

Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders is considering running for President in 2016. He is an Independent, and therefore uniquely free of special interest campaign money. He will need huge grassroots support in order to run. Are we The People going to support him? Are we The People ready to stand up against the billionaire class? Here is a strong man who cares enough to lead us in the battle – but he needs us to care also.

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