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If Sanders Runs, It Will Be for Real

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is considering a run for U.S. President. All In host Chris Hayes asks Sanders if his presidential campaign would be for real.

Chris Hayes: ‘Are you going to run?’

Bernie Sanders: ‘I’ll make a decision pretty soon.’

Chris Hayes: ‘If you do run, are you going to run for real?’

Bernie Sanders: ‘Yes. No question about that. Look. What’s at stake here is not my ego. What’s at stake is the millions of people who are struggling…. They want real change in this country. If I run, it is for real.’

— Bernie Sanders YouTube Channel

The Sanders Campaign

You can learn more about Sen. Bernie Sanders, and even join his political revolution, at BernieSanders.Com. If there is enough support from The People, Sanders will run for President in 2016 – not merely to amplify political discussion, but aiming to win the race. He will announce his decision soon.

You can support Sen. Bernie Sanders:

  • Spread the word through social media
  • Volunteer
  • Make a contribution

Sen. Bernie Sanders does not accept corporate PAC money.

Sander’s Agenda for America

This is the progressive Sander’s agenda. Get details at 12 Steps Forward.

  1. Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastucture
  2. Reversing Climate Change
  3. Creating Worker Co-ops
  4. Growing the Trade Union Movement
  5. Raising the Minimum Wage
  6. Pay Equity for Women Workers
  7. Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
  8. Making College Affordable for All
  9. Taking on Wall Street
  10. Health Care as a Right for All
  11. Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans [Social Security, Disability, Veterans, Welfare]
  12. Real Tax Reform

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