Plant a Tree on Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015: Be a part of the biggest grassroots effort in history. Plant a tree/seed in your area.

Click on this image to go to the Earth Day Events FB page.

Give back to the Earth by planting a tree in your area on Earth Day – April 22, 2015.


Event: Earth Day 2015
 The Master Shift, Forest Nation, White Feather Foundation and Earth Day Network
Focus: Give back to Earth – Plant a tree
Date: April 22, 2015
Place: Plant a tree in your area + Worldwide events

The 2015 Earth Day Video

 It’s an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you must put something back. Our goal is to plant one billion seeds/trees.

— The Master Shift

(Thanks to fellow-blogger It Is What It Is for the heads-up!)

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    Love this day, love this post, love this blog. All great things!!

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    1. Thank you, Laura! I love your blog too!

      As it happens, April 22 is also Administrative Professionals Day and,,, my birthday. Earth Day is definitely the best aspect. 🙂

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    Our Planet thanks you for caring about this…..I thank you too!….Hugs … 🙂

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    1. Hugs right back! What kind of tree are you planting?


  3. Thanks so very much for the mention. This is a very important date and a very important year!!! Peace ….

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  4. Wonderful.. I knew it was Earth Day soon… I guess I contributed already.. Planted Apple trees 🙂 … Enjoy your weekend JoAnne

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    1. Apply trees! What kind? How long before they bear fruit?

      I will plant a seedling (or seeds) in a pot on my porch. In Florida, so maybe an avocado or lemon tree 🙂

      Happy weekend!


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