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Hologram Protesters at the Spanish Parliament

Ghostly hologram protesters march outside the Spanish Parliament. It’s part of the No Somos Delito Movement, which fights to protect the right of demonstration and peaceful assembly.

Holographic projections of Spanish protesters have marched outside the Spanish parliament. The activists behind the unique performance say the goal is to draw attention to a new law – imposing drastic limits on people’s right to protest.

The regulations come into force in July, with heavy fines attached. Anyone who takes part in unauthorized protest camps will have to pay 600 euros. Rallying near a government building or putting up a barricade comes with a penalty of up to 30 thousand euros. But the heaviest fine of all – over half a million euros- is for blocking national infrastructure including airports and nuclear power plants.

Stéphane Grueso – member of the ‘No Somos Delito’ movement which organized the hologram protest is [interviewed on] In the Now.

— In The Now

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