Let it begin, again~

We have waited all our lives to see a woman in the White House. Hilary has announced her 2016 run for Presidency. Maybe, this time, this is it.

Political Paradigms

Two powerful and determined women, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
with Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma/Myanmar in December 2011.

With her expected  announcement later today, Hillary Clinton will once again run for President.

Hopefully she will have better campaign advisors this time around.

To compete in this very hostile environment, is not for the weak of heart, mind, or spirit.

It is going to get ugly fast and she will be hit from every side.

To say that Hillary is more than qualified for the job is unnecessary.

Her list of Political achievements is daunting.

She has more political experience, that most men have ever gone into a Presidential campaign with, in my lifetime.

Success for Hillary is personal to me.

I have waited all of my life to see a woman in the White House and Hillary has been the only woman, so far, who has had any chance of succeeding.

Is she perfect, absolutely not.

But then neither…

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  1. I want to see a women President in the White House very much, as much as I wanted to see a black or other minority President in the White House.

    However, as a progressive, I just can’t support Hillary – at least not yet. She is a corporatist, establishment politician who’ll do little or nothing to address the fundamental causes of economic inequality in this nation – IMO.

    Since I am vehemently opposed to all things Republican, it appears my vote in 2016 has no place to go.

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    1. It really is a quandary. I know exactly what you mean.

      But if it comes down to a choice between Hillary and any one of the Republican whack-a-doodle candidates, I would be so frightened, I would vote for her, just to vote against them. (And she does have some good points.)

      IMO, not voting out of protest (while noble), would be too risky, costly.

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      1. Good points. I’ll vote as I always do, but there remains the possibility that I won’t check any of the candidates’ boxes for President. If it comes to that, it will happen because of my ethical reluctance to support someone who represents interests which I oppose. We’ll see.

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  2. Bless you for sharing this!!!!!

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