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Hillary Clinton Is for Overturning Citizens United

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It looks like we have another powerful leader who is against Citizens United. Here’s exactly what she said at a campaign event in Iowa.

Hillary Clinton: We Might Need a Constitutional Amendment to Get Money Out of Politics

While campaigning in Iowa today, Hillary Clinton called for getting unaccountable money out of politics ‘once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment,’ according to MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

Clinton said that fixing our political system, and counteracting the influence of money in it, would be one of the four big fights of her campaign.

The other three: Strengthening the economy, helping families, and protecting the country from threats.

— Andrew Prokop, Vox

If you’d like to support and encourage Hillary Clinton for taking a stand against Citizens United, send her a ‘thank you.’ (Courtesy of End Citizens United.)

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  • Ms. Clinton needs to answer the question “where have you been all these years when people were fighting to overturn Citizens United?'” If she’d have come out strongly years ago, perhaps the movement would have gained sufficient momentum and overturned the decision by now. It seems Ms. Clinton is talking the talk while forgetting to walk the walk, to make it appear she agrees with so many people who want the change. Tell them whatever they want to hear is the political operator’s strategy, and those against Citizens United have also had it with political operators.

    • Hillary’s support of overturning Citizens United is good PR for the cause. More people need to know there ARE things we can do to fight political corruption – right up to a Constitutional Amendment.

      But I rely on the grassroots power of Wolf PAC, Represent.Us, Dr. Lawrence Lessig, and many more, to get the job done.

  • This is a great initiative, JoAnn, provided the constitutional amendment can be pushed through by whichever dispensation is going to be up there in the US next year. The menace of unaccounted money is the bane of all democracies, distorting and influencing the election process, virtually making it difficult for really capable and committed people to be in the reckoning. The democratic system must be purged of the evil of black money and I hope it begins in the USA…

    • Thanks for your moral support!

      it will be blocked by the Republicans. But Hillary Clinton’s public stand against Citizens United is significant. Now, I think, it’s an issue that won’t go away until mission accomplished.

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