Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking, arms outreached, at a rally.

Never say ‘die.’ Climate activists want Elizabeth Warren for President, too.

Ready for Warren Prepares to Launch Climate Activist Coalition

Climate activists are lining up behind the never-say-die campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren for a 2016 bid.

Ready for Warren, a group pushing the senator to enter the presidential race, plans to soon unveil ‘Environmental Activists for Warren,’ National Journal has learned. The launch expected to take place later this month is the latest sign that environmentalists fear that Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic frontrunner who announced her candidacy on Sunday, won’t take a strong stand on the issues they care most about. […]

Warren is best known as an anti-Wall Street crusader, not an environmental advocate. But her sharp criticism of the Keystone XL pipeline and disdain for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that environmentalists worry could weaken environmental protections, has won the senator admiration from climate activists[…]

Warren’s continued insistence that she is not running for president has not dissuaded potential supporters or environmentalists. And greens hope that throwing their weight behind the draft Warren campaign will pressure Clinton to carve out positions more in line with the climate movement. […]

There are early indications that Warren also could be gearing up to take on a higher profile in the environmental world.

She joined the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this year and will deliver a keynote address Monday at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference of environmental and labor activists. […]

— Clare Foran, National Journal