Rigged Politics and Citizen Inequality

This is a must-see video!

Lawrence Lessig gives a brilliant speech on our rigged political system and the ‘citizen inequality’ in America. He believes Elizabeth Warren is uniquely qualified to restore America’s democracy – as President.

Poor Elizabeth, who doesn’t want the Presidency. It must be difficult to reject the expert reasoning and raw need expressed in Lessig’s call to duty.

  1. Perhaps the thought came to others, but Lawrence Lessig just gave a speech ideally suited for his announcing he’s running for President.


    1. That’s probably what Elizabeth Warren is thinking!


  2. No politician can do it on his or her own. The only way anyone can achieve real change is with a million people marching in the street to support them.

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  3. I doubt Warren will run. The presence of Hillary is suffocating. Regards

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