Urban Garden Ideas for Your Roof & Walls

Ignore the concrete-covered ground, urban dwellers. You may have nature and nutrition with roof and wall gardens.

Did you notice the milk-carton container idea? Even I could do that. And the great thing – if you move, you take your garden with you.

  1. Awesome. My Father grew tomatoes in boxes outside a window in an apartment in Queens, N.Y. for years. They were delcious. 🙂

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    1. The tomatoes were delicious, too. 🙂

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  2. Interesting to note this, JoAnn, that it is catching on in the US.. Even in my home city if Cochin in India, people are taking to terrace gardening of organically cultivating vegetables in a big way.. Another point to note is the need to avoid concreting or inter-lock tiling open spaces around houses; these must be left open to enable rain water to sink in and replenish the ground water table. Otherwise , all the water just flows over hard surfaces eventually emptying out into rivers and seas. Rain water harvesting, that is collecting rainwater I overhead tanks and injecting it into the ground, must also be in place in an efficient way, wherever possible…

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    1. Important point – rain water harvesting.

      Communal gardening is good, not only does it share labor, it shares knowledge.

      Thanks for sharing yours!

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