The Coalition of Immakalee Workers (CIW) and their ‘Campaign for Fair Food’ receive recognition in the media world.

WINNER: Food Chains Wins 2015 James Beard Award for Documentary Film!

Last month we told you that Food Chains, the powerful new documentary about farm worker exploitation and the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food, had been nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award, the food world’s top award, also known as the ‘Oscars of Food.’ Well, last week at a gala ceremony in New York City, it became official: Food Chains won the 2015 James Beard Award for Documentary Film!  Author and fellow James Beard Award winner Barry Estabrook was on hand to receive the award on behalf of the film crew. […] ~ Coalition of Immokalee Workers

You can find Food Chains on Netflix.

The Real Cost of Food

The plight of farm workers is not the sole responsibility of farmers. What about supermarket corporations and fast food chains? What about us?

Are we willing to pay a few more pennies for our produce? Are we willing to pay the real cost of food, which includes a fair wage and human dignity?

Protesting a Supermarket Giant

The CIW has achieved ‘Fair Food’ success with some large fast food chains. But supermarket giants, like Florida-based Publix, have been more resistant.

This slideshow of clips from Food Chains shows a staged protest that was held at the Publix Headquarters in Lakeland, FL.

There’s a long and proud history of creative nonviolence in this country. What creative nonviolence does is, it draws out the essential character of the person on the other side. By ignoring farm workers and religious people and students who all gathered and did this simple sacrifice, Publix demonstrated the kind of disdain that they’ve shown farm workers behind the scenes for decades. ~ Food Chains

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