Mayday.US is leading an anti-corruption citizen’s lobbying campaign. Campaign finance reform is within reach, and you can do something to help push this vital movement forward.

The biggest thing holding this [campaign finance] reform movement back is the belief that change is not possible. Though 96% of us believe it important to reduce the influence of money in politics, 91% of us don’t think we can. But we are just 70 votes short from a majority in the House supporting fundamental reform in the way campaigns are funded.

Our task this year will be to close that gap as much as we can, so we can show America that fundamental reform is possible. If we can get within striking distance by the New Hampshire Primary, then there is a real chance that fundamental reform will be an issue in the 2016 campaign. And if that happens, then we have a chance to do what none of the pundits think is possible – build a Congress, with inspiration from a president, that will finally end this system of corruption and give us our democracy back.

— Lawrence Lessig

You may support the campaign finance reform movement by asking your member of Congress to be a #Leader4Reform. All you need to do is sign the letter that Lessig has written, which you may read in full before sending.