Pro-Labor New Democratic Party Wins in Alberta

Pro-Labor New Democratic Party Wins in Alberta

As progressives, we may want to celebrate with Alberta, Canada.

After more than 40 years of conservative leadership, Alberta has elected New Democratic Party candidate Rachel Notley as Premier. Notley, who won by a landslide, is pro-labor and promises to raise taxes on corporations.

You may watch her gracious, spirited victory speech in the video.

Alberta Tories Ousted in Historic New Democratic Party Win

Alberta voters ended the 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty, electing the pro-labor New Democratic Party that has pledged to raise taxes for Canada’s main oil industry.

The NDP, led by Rachel Notley, won 53 of the province’s 87 districts and tied in another riding where a recount was expected, according to results from Elections Alberta. It was the party’s first win in the province and a dramatic change from the four seats they currently hold. Ousted Premier Jim Prentice resigned from politics after the results came out.

Notley, a 51-year-old lawyer, tapped into voter dissatisfaction with Prentice and his Tory party that has ruled Alberta since 1971. His proposal to raise taxes for workers while sparing the province’s energy industry was among reasons that sparked the voter backlash.

‘Change has finally come to Alberta,’ Notley said in a speech to supporters in Edmonton. ‘In this province we’re optimistic, we’re forward-looking, we’re entrepreneurial, we’re community-minded and we are careful with the family budget.’

Support for the Tories began to wane last year after former Premier Alison Redford was forced to resign following an expense scandal. Prentice angered voters further by raising taxes and fees for consumers in his March budget, while leaving corporate taxes untouched.

— Josh Wingrove and Jeremy Van Loon, Bloomberg Business

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