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The Big Picture: Help Families Work with Robert Reich

This is the second (even though it says ‘#3’) of ‘The Big Picture: 10 Ideas To Save The Economy’ by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and MoveOn.Org.

Today, most parents are also wage earners, whether in a two-parent or single-parent household. Politicians talk a lot about the importance of family, but they need to do a better job delivering. The reality for workers has changed, but society hasn’t caught up.

Here is what we need to do: Make sure women get equal pay for equal work. Require employers to offer predictable hours, so parents can plan. Provide high-quality, universal pre-school and after-school care. Guarantee all employees paid family leave.

— MoveOn.Org

Help Workers Be Good Parents

If you want to help workers be good parents, please share this video from MoveOn.Org. You’ll also find two related petitions that you may sign.

Out of all ’10 Ideas to Save the Economy,’ MoveOn.Org will campaign for the ideas with the most shares – to make them reality.

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    These are all really good ideas. In fact, it’s crazy that there aren’t already laws for these labor rights.

  • These are all really good ideas. In fact, it’s crazy that there aren’t already laws for these labor rights.

  • We have preschools and universell day care and after school care in Sweden. We have gauranteed pay for family leave as well( for sick children, school acititivies….) What we do not have is Childcare for parents, who work nights, nor do we have equal pay for woman and men. You are right these is a basic human right.

    Discussion here are taking place on these womans issues as well.

    • Thanks for sharing, Honey. That is interesting to know. Good luck with the pay equity issue. What happens around the world – can help or hinder all of us.

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