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Raise Your Fist for a Mass Evolution

Eleanor Goldfield begins by reciting an amazing protest poem in this weeks episode of Act Out! If you don’t have time for the whole video, at least catch the spoken word art – a must-see!

Raise your fist but not to fight. This week it’s about the power of the mind – to overcome, to evolve and to rise up; to stand resolute against injustice. We go through some bullet point rights, yours to flex any and every time you’re on US soil.

Knowledge is power. We go to LA to see how artists are manifesting justice through their various mediums plus theater, discussions, forums, workshops on screen printing, spoken word, health and wellness and more.

We go to the front lines of the Million Moms March where mothers took a list of demands to the Department of Justice, seeking answers for unsolved crimes that killed their children and destroyed their communities.

Not one to end on a somber note, we wrap up this week with a rap rock piece that reminds you to use your mind, find your fight and raise the floodlight.



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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about an alpha Bichon named Chester, and his friends--with a dash of humor and a dab of poli-sci. JoAnn worked professionally in the Psychology and Information Science fields. Retired now, she enjoys the creative life.


  1. Carl D'Agostino

    This was what a great deal of music was about in late 60’s-early 70’s. Anti Vietnam, pro Civil Rights, respect for planet and a changing world with new values. We are in our own 60’s in age now. But with all the passionate idealism, seems nothing much happened or got better.

  2. swo8

    This is the effective strategy of Srdja Popovic, who was part of the effort to bring down the brutal dictator, Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia. We can use that here too.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Thank you for that insight. A quick google search tells me Popovic was a leader in the student movement.

      • swo8

        He wrote a book called Blueprint for Revolution. He also trains people how to organize a peaceful revolution.




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