On Tuesday in Little Rock, pro-democracy activists from all over the country marched on the state Capitol to promote Arkansas’s crucial ballot initiative to get big money out of politics. That is, Arkansans intend to overturn Citizens United.

Arkansas May Be 17th State to Pass Resolution to Crush Citizens United

16 states have already passed resolutions to overturn Citizens United. They are determined to amend the Constitution in order to establish that corporations are not people and that money is not speech.

Arkansas is on the verge of being the 17th state to call for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. It has the unique opportunity to put the amendment on their 2016 ballot, and state residents will also be able to vote to abolish undisclosed campaign donations in Arkansas politics.

Americans Demand The Return of Democracy

The citizen activism in Arkansas is another demonstration that Americans are fighting to reclaim our democracy. It’s happening all over the country. Be encouraged. No more doom and gloom. In whatever way you are able, be part of the American Pro-Democracy Movement. (It is about to explode!)