This is the 5th installment of ‘The Big Picture: 10 Ideas to Save the Economy’ with Robert Reich:

Reinvent Education

Much of our education system, from the bells that ring to separate classes, to memorization drills, was built to feed the assembly lines that powered the American economy in the last century.

What we need today is education that provides the critical thinking skills necessary for the new economy.

— Robert Reich

How to Reinvent Education

The American education system is terribly outmoded. For the sake of our kids, and the economy, we must fix it.

  • Stop endless testing
  • Limit class sizes
  • Increase funding and services
  • Technical training
  • Make higher education FREE
  • Increase teacher and staff pay

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‘The Big Picture: 10 Ideas to Save the Economy’ is a collaborative project between Robert Reich and MoveOn.Org.