Bernie Sanders formally kicks-off his presidential campaign this Tuesday, May 26 at the Burlington Waterfront Park.

Very nice. I’d like one of those t-shirts that say ‘Join the Political Revolution.’

Sanders to Hold Campaign Kick-Off Tuesday in Burlington

“My hometown of Burlington and the people of Vermont have a special place in my heart. There is nowhere else in the world where I would hold an event this important,” Sanders said in a statement.

The self-described democratic socialist is sure to provide many of his trademark assaults on the ‘billionaire class’ and the income inequality he says is plaguing America.

“The formal kickoff will set the stage for the campaign to come. I will lay out an ‘Agenda for America’ which addresses the major crises we face and a vision of a government which works for all of our people and not just the billionaire class,” Sanders said.

— Neal Goswami, Vermont Press Bureau

Watch Bernie Kick-Off His Campaign

You may sign up to watch Bernie Sanders announce his campaign for President. Bernie 2016 will send you a text message or email so you can watch Bernie live. The event begins at 5:00pm EDT.