Watch Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign kick-off on C-SPAN. During the intro, Ben Cohen said a few words…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the long-shot candidate… Vermont’s adopted son, the next President of the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders! ~ Ben Cohen

When Bernie came to the podium, he spoke vigorously about a new Agenda for America.

This campaign is about the needs of the American people… Let me give you… a brief outline of an Agenda for America. The agenda begins with job, jobs, jobs […] ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s Agenda for America covers the broad range of issues that are important to most people.

  • Jobs
  • Infrastructure
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Pay equity for women
  • Overtime and paid sick leave
  • Fair and progressive taxation
  • Breaking up ‘too big to fail’ banks
  • Campaign financial reform that overturns Citizens United and establishes public funded elections
  • U.S. to lead the world in reversing climate change
  • Medicare for all, a single-payer health care program
  • Expansion of Social Security benefits
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Free college and university tuition
  • Military defense that is responsible
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