Good News for Clean Water - 60% of America's streams and millions of acres of wetlands weren't clearly protected. President Obama and the EPA just fixed that.

The Obama Administration has ruled to place small waterways, streams and wetlands under EPA protection. Kudos, Mr. President!

BREAKING: The EPA Just Protected Drinking Water For Millions Of Americans

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will have an easier time regulating water pollution under a new rule released Wednesday.

The Clean Water Rule, developed by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers, offers protection to two million miles of streams and 20 million acres of wetlands that, until now, were not clearly designated under the Clean Water Act. The rule clarifies what tributaries and wetlands are part of the overall water system and will decrease confusion and expense, the EPA and Army Corps said Wednesday.

The confusion about what waters can be regulated stems from 2001, when the Supreme Court found that the EPA did not have jurisdiction to regulate isolated wetlands. That decision created confusion about how and where pollution can enter the water system — and what regulators can do about it.

— Samantha Page, Climate Progress