I found this in my email from CREDO Action. Basically, they say…

Stand with Senators Sanders and Warren: Federal contract workers deserve a living wage.

Progressive champions Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have joined forces to send a public letter to President Obama asking him to issue a “Model-Employer” executive order that would help low-wage federal contract workers.

The “Model Employer” executive order would give preference to contractors that pay a living wage of at least $15 an hour, offer decent benefits like paid leave, and respect workers’ rights to collectively bargain so they don’t have to go on strike.

You may add your name to Sanders and Warren’s petition. Why is it important?

Right now, our tax dollars routinely pay for government contracts that reward companies who pay millions of workers poverty-level wages. The renewed attention to low-wage federal contract workers is in large part due to a major wake up call last month, when The Washington Post ran the story of 63-year-old Charles Gladden, a full-time U.S. Senate cafeteria worker who was revealed to be homeless.

Many of those workers then have to rely on public assistance programs like food stamps and Medicaid, hitting taxpayers a second time and forcing all of us to subsidize the greed of private companies.

And when millions of workers are routinely paid poverty wages on such a massive scale, it drags down national standards for all American workers across all industries. Which means that, right now, the government is playing an active role in rising economic inequality and a disappearing American middle class.

— CREDO Action