There is a new reality TV program called The Briefcase that makes entertainment out of being poor. A family is given $100K and is then asked to keep it, share it, or give it all away – to another family in worse dire straits.

‘The Briefcase’ Promotional Video

Through it all, they’ll learn that it’s not the money, but the journey, that will teach them what they value most. ~ Voiceover from the video

Russel Brand Commentary on ‘The Briefcase’

Wake up Humanity, we’ve gone way off track… To turn poor people against poor people for our own amusement surely is the heralding of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. ~ Russell Brand

All this for only $100K?

Has anyone seen reruns of The Millionaire 1950’s TV show? The gift was more generous, especially if you adjust for inflation. (How the bar has lowered for get-rich fantasies and dilemmas!)

This show followed the lives of everyday people about to be given a million dollars by the wealthy (but never seen) John Beresford Tipton, through his representative, Michael Anthony. ~ DVDs Entertainment Online

New TV Series Idea

There’s never enough entertaining TV. So here’s an idea…

What about a Prince and the Pauper type of reality series? Wouldn’t it be inspiring to see a billionaire learn the true meaning of life?

They could call it The Empty Wallet. Or… The Full Heart. Or… Less Is More.

Got any synopsis or title ideas? Please share in the comments. We need to laugh – so we don’t cry!

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