Bernie Sanders on American Family Values

Sen. Bernie Sanders reviews recently introduced legislation that supports American family values. His own bill guarantees 10 days of paid vacation.

Real family values are about:

  • Children – 12-week parental leave
  • Staying healthy – Paid sick leave
  • Making memories – 10 days paid vacation
  1. Here is my case for family values. I work so much and make so little I rarely have time to spend with my brother Stephen Palmer who has Autism.

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  2. Let’s support PAID Family Leave and Family Leave that supports and includes siblings!! Right now Family Leave does not include siblings. I tried to use FMLA last year to care for my developmentally disabled brother Stephen and was denied time off. Brothers and sisters are family also. Let’s get the Laws changed for siblings and to help folks with Autism!!

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    1. Important inclusion. Siblings are very close family members. Who will help them if we can’t do it?

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