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Political Pundits Put on ‘Bern Notice’ (Video)

Washington D.C., New York City, and political pundits are seemingly unaware of the strong populist movement surging throughout our country. They are ignoring Bernie Sanders, and his growing popularity within mainstream America.

Bernie Sanders is picking up steam in New Hampshire, according to recent polls.

The independent Vermont senator running for the Democratic nomination picked up 31% of the vote among likely Granite State Democratic primary voters, compared with 41% for Clinton, in a Suffolk University poll released Tuesday.

“Most political observers felt that Hillary Clinton’s large early lead among Democratic voters would eventually a bit over time,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. “But in New Hampshire right now, the lead has shrunk a lot, and this is a much different Democratic primary race than we are seeing in other states so far.”

— The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur puts the political pundits on ‘Bern Notice.’

Bernie Sanders is giving them something they haven’t had in a long, long time: authenticity. That’s gold. I don’t think they realize how dangerous that is. It’s kryptonite to the Clinton people.

— Cenk Uygur

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  • Cenk mistakenly said that Bernie Sanders “wants to nationalize the banks”, perhaps a Freudian slip revealing Cenk’s wishes, but Bernie has called for breaking up the megabanks, not nationalization. Breaking up the megabanks is a good idea, but going further and nationalizing the Federal Reserve adds even more fundamental positive economic consequences. Imagine elimination of annual government interest payments in the hundreds of billions, along with no need whatsoever for government debt/borrowing – nor the taxes levied (mostly low/middle class, corporations stash profits offshore in tax havens). For those who aren’t familiar with the Bill Still documentary “The Secret of Oz”, it’s on YouTube and he does an exellent job of describing possible, necessary monetary reform.

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