This is just a prediction (albeit, an educated guess) on the part of Professor Frank Fenner. But lately I’m hearing more and more that it’s already too late to save the planet from climate change – even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today.

Humans Will Be Extinct in 100 Years Says Eminent Scientist

Eminent Australian scientist Professor Frank Fenner, who helped to wipe out smallpox, predicts humans will probably be extinct within 100 years, because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change. […]

Fenner told The Australian he tries not to express his pessimism because people are trying to do something, but keep putting it off. He said he believes the situation is irreversible, and it is too late because the effects we have had on Earth since industrialization (a period now known to scientists unofficially as the Anthropocene) rivals any effects of ice ages or comet impacts. […]

World Population Growth Through History

Fenner said that is only at its beginning, but is likely to be the cause of our extinction. “We’ll undergo the same fate as the people on Easter Island,” he said. More people means fewer resources, and Fenner predicts “there will be a lot more wars over food.” […]

While many scientists are also pessimistic, others are more optimistic. Among the latter is a colleague of Professor Fenner, retired professor Stephen Boyden, who said he still hopes awareness of the problems will rise and the required revolutionary changes will be made to achieve ecological sustainability. “While there’s a glimmer of hope, it’s worth working to solve the problem. We have the scientific knowledge to do it but we don’t have the political will,” Boyden said. […]

— Lin Edwards, Phys.Org

If It’s Already Too Late

Is it already too late? Is climate change already pass the point of no return?

My first thought is that, if I were younger, I would choose to not have children. The end will be too hard to bear.

My second thought is that we need to find deep peace, compassion, and kindness – so that we may face the end together with dignity.

If We Save Life on Earth

If we can save life on Earth, as we know it, will we learn anything from the close call?

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