Corruption Is the Political Issue of Our Times

Represent.Us helps you understand their American Anti-corruption Act.

[Corruption] is the political challenge of our times, because it affects everything… What we need is a way to pass laws that The People want, but politicians don’t. Fortunately, our Nation’s founders gave us a tool to do just that: Ballot initiatives.

— Represent.Us

A 4-Point Comprehensive Law

  • No lobbying plus donating to politicians (one or other, not both)
  • Public servants may not become lobbyists for several years
  • All political money must be disclosed
  • Give voters ‘golden ticket’ to support candidate of his/her choice

No constitutional amendment required.

  1. The only ballot initiative needed in any state for effectively eliminating political corruption is to make political advertising of any type, right down to yard signs and bumper stickers, illegal.

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    1. That makes sense. But we would need to carefully define ‘advertising!’


  2. You’ve got that right. Make the changes, they just might work.

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