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Millennials Support Bernie Sanders for Prez

Bernie Sanders Could Change the World

Primary season is six months away but millennial Facebook users have already selected their candidate…

The evidence is almost irrefutable now that that the Millennials, who communicate constantly via Facebook and other social networks, have chosen Vermont Independent/socialist senator Bernie Sanders to be their man.

This connection between Bernie and the Millennials could bring a sea change to America and to the world. Liberalism has won the day as seen in the Supreme Court’s two rulings recently on gay marriage and Obamacare. Republicans are on the defensive. And they have been on the defensive now for almost eight years and seem unable to offer young voters imagination, awakening and something to fight for, something to be brave about.

And it is not just 2016 that Bernie and the Millennials would take. It is the future. All they have to do is get past Hillary.

In that, they will have a good deal of help from the mainstream media. The MSM loves change, it is their lifeblood. They are about to flip on the Clinton Culture, a political restoration that they invented. Even today they suffer embarrassment about their creation. I’d give it two months, max, before they join in with the new world revolution of Bernie and the Millennials.

— Bernie Quigley, Observer

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