Spain Enacts Law That Forbids Dissent

Spain Enacts Law That Forbids Dissent

Democracy Alert! Spain is officially a police state now…

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JoAnn Chateau
  • Yes, the political party in the government is disguised fascism, they always have refused to criticize Franco.
    Police already was arresting thousands of protesters, the problem for the government was that judges usually acquitted them of all charges. With the Gag Law, police impose directly the disproportionate fines and skip the judges.

    • Good to see you, Samuel – hope all is well. Thanks for clarifying that point about the Gag Law.

      If you have a chance to comment, how might the Greek debt crisis be affecting the Podemos Party in Spain?

      • hello JoAnn, thanks. Here Podemos is with Syriza and Greek people, of course. At the other side, the governor party and even the alleged “socialist” party (the other leg of the two-party system) are against Greece, as Merkel and the rest. The government is using the crisis to threat: “do you see? If Podemos win, Spain will become Greece, we’ll empoverish, there will be corralito, you’ll lose your savings, Spain will be ejected from the EU”.

        Here a good end for Greece would be seen as a victory for Podemos as well, a bad deal as bad for Podemos. Although it seems that there will be a good end or deal for no one in the EU, this looks like the EU committing suicide.

      • Thank you, Samuel, for summing it up from the Podemos perspective.

        Again please, if you have some time, could you help me wrap my brain around this…

        How bad would it be, what would people have to go through, if the EU dies? For instance, could such a death possibly be a good thing, ultimately, for democracy and the national sovereignty of each country now in the EU?

      • Before it would be the Euro death, it’s possible to keep the EU without the Euro, as United Kingdom did. The Euro has been a disaster and of course it would be a good thing for majority (at long term) its death. One of the bad things of the Euro is that now all the chances are bad: to stay in the Euro is bad, a slow and sure death; and to leave the Euro is bad at short term, but it let to recover sovereignity, an own currency and so more chances to lead national economy. Now Germany leads economy in Eurozone, and does it for Germany benefits.

        Since the Euro started, the inequality between rich countries (North) and poor countries (South) has been increasing, as internal inequality in each country. It’s not odd that Greece and Spain are the countries where anti-austerity parties are stronger.

        That’s my opinion, although I’m not an expert after all. Likely a German reader would not agree with me.

      • Your on-the-scene opinion is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

        Personally, I hope Greece can bite-the-bullet in the short-term – in order to leave the EU completely behind. Any organization that contributes to such inequality is essentially bad. If all the EU members practiced austerity to achieve a mutual goal, that would be one thing. But when the ‘black sheep’ countries are forced to take the brunt of austerity measures, then it’s like a cruelly dysfunctional family.

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