Austerity Is a Weapon

Photo: Protesters let off paint bombs on Westminster Bridge (Emil Charlaff/UK Uncut/PA)

Everyone is discussing the Greek debt crisis and how austerity simply does not work. This week’s Popular Resistance newsletter explores how austerity is actually very effective – as a weapon that renders people powerless so that their pockets may be emptied without a struggle.

Austerity Is a Weapon – Popular Resistance July 12, 2015 Newsletter

Austerity, decreased spending by government on necessary programs, is a type of economic sanction like the ones that are often imposed by one country upon another country as a form of punishment. Financial elites and their institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) force austerity measures on countries that have been driven into debt in order to extract every ounce of wealth from them and weaken the populace’s ability to resist.

Austerity is a fundamental tool in the neo-liberal agenda that is spreading around the world to monetize and privatize everything. It is fundamental to our success in resisting this agenda and preserving a livable future that we understand austerity amounts to sanctions against the people.

In “Four Lessons From Iceland And Greece For Movements Fighting Austerity,” George Lakey writes “I’m struck by the overwhelming determination in both countries to take charge of their own economies. Their popular movements understand that austerity is actually a weapon in the class war.” There is a growing anti-austerity movement in many parts of the world, in the UK this weekend, youth planned an Occupy-style protest outside Parliament in London.


— Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance



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