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Instruction to Cities With Stadium Deals: ‘Make Them Pay!”

Cities often give massive amounts of public money to privately-owned stadiums – without getting anything in return!

A major review of almost 20 years of studies, show that economists can find no substantial evidence that stadiums increase jobs, incomes, or tax revenues. Or to put that another way…

“This one economist said, ‘Rather than spend a billion dollars on a stadium, you’re actually better off flying a plane in over a city and dumping a billion dollars on the populace and just letting them pick up the money and spend it.”

— Last Week Tonight

Do not miss John Oliver’s stirring locker room pep talk (with inspirational background music). He delivers it to the residents of great cities that provide homes to filthy rich sports teams.

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  • Back in the 1990s team owners pressured the city of Seattle to blow up the Kingdome, before it was even paid for, and replace it with two separate stadiums, one for baseball and one for football. The city agreed to bill the baseball stadium, despite a citizens referendum that opposed it. In the case of the football stadium, billionaire Paul Allen (Seattle Seahawks owner) personally financed a county referendum which narrowly one due to votes from rural counties that had no financial responsibility in a city-financed stadium.