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Bernie Takes the American Southwest

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is taking the conservative American Southwest by storm. Sanders’ campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday attracted a huge crowd of over 11,000 people. So far, this is the largest 2016 campaign event of any candidate, regardless of party.

Bernie Sanders outlines his vision for America in Phoenix, Arizona.

— Bernie Sanders for America

Bernie held another rally in Dallas, Texas today…

In Dallas, Sanders’ Tough Talk Fires Up Thousands

Organizers estimated the rally drew more than 7,000 people, though a more official count was expected later in the day. In any case, the event appeared to be the largest held by any presidential candidate in Texas so far this election cycle.

Sanders, who has emerged as the most popular alternative to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, won loud applause for touting a host of items on liberals’ wish lists, including a $15 minimum wage, higher taxes for the wealthy and a constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that gave rise to a new era of campaign finance.

— Patrick Svitek, The Texas Tribune

That’s not all. Bernie has a Houston rally tonight.

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