MayDay.US has initiated a campaign that urges Americans to Leave a Message for Congress. Here’s how a call like that might go…

Backstory: Donald Trump revealed the personal cell phone number of his rival, Sen. Lindsey Graham, in a public speech. Not to miss an opportunity, Mayday activist Benjamin Singer calls Graham at his private number.

If you like Benjamin’s anti-corruption theme, and non-confrontational approach, his message is transcribed below. Feel free to build off it for your own call to Congress.

A Message for Congress Transcript

Hi Sen. Graham! I got your number from the Donald. This is Benjamin Singer from the MAYDAY SuperPAC—the grassroots group trying to take back this country for the people. You’re probably in Iowa today, so welcome to the Midwest! I’m calling because you’re worried about this country we love, and so am I. There’s a tax break that would help fix it.

I read that you said, and I quote, “we are turning campaigns over to about 100 people in this country, and they are going to be able to advocate their cause at the expense of your cause.”

I think you were so right. We live in a freaking republic. A representative democracy. We the people are supposed to pick our leaders. Not just 100 well-connected insiders. It’s totally corrupt right now. So, there’s actually a bill in the US Senate that a bunch of your colleagues have signed on to, the Fair Elections Now Act.

It would let us spend the first $50 of our own tax money on candidates we believe in. It’s about creating more free speech for everyday Americans. It wouldn’t amend the Constitution. It wouldn’t stop the wealthy or corporations from spending money. And it would give your constituents, everyday Americans, more of a voice.

That’s more people-powered donations you could be getting. And more accountability from all leaders to us, the people. Not this awful corruption, when the well-connected few get special favors at taxpayers’ expense. So give me a call if you’re interested in supporting the Fair Elections Now Act, Senate Bill 1538. This could make you a real American hero, no matter what Donald Trump says.

MY personal cell number phone number—don’t put it on the Internet—is. Thanks, Senator. Talk to you soon. [Benjamin Singer]

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