Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton

If you support criminal justice reform and immigration reform… follow the money.

Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton

[…] “As immigration and incarceration issues become central to the 2016 presidential campaign, lobbyists for two major prison companies are serving as top fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. […]

The future of both criminal justice reform and immigration are critical for private prison firms. The Geo Group, in a disclosure statement for its investors, notes that its business could be ‘adversely affected by changes in existing criminal or immigration laws, crime rates in jurisdictions in which we operate, the relaxation of criminal or immigration enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction, sentencing or deportation practices, and the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by criminal laws or the loosening of immigration laws.'” — Lee Fang, The Intercept

  1. Very painful reality. Our society is falling apart. We are either unwilling or unable to see it.

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    1. Yeah. We need to work harder on money in politics – Super-PACs, the revolving door, lobbyists… etc. It leads to unregulated, unfettered corporate interests making easier profits – at the expense of society. We sure need to regain balance.


  2. I can almost hear Hillary now answering a future campaign question (which probably won’t be asked, at least not by the mainstream media) about a potentially quid pro quo relationship between her and the private prison industry:

    “I’m my own person, and I will act on behalf of the American people if elected President.”

    Few will believe her, and rightly so.

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  3. Can’t click “like,” the info is just too disturbing.

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  4. Reblogged this on Wobbly Warrior's Blog and commented:
    If Hillary doesn’t give back the cash,
    it’s time for her campaign to crash.

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