204 Mass Shootings in 204 Days — so Far

There Have Been 204 Mass Shootings — and 204 Days — in 2015 so Far

“The Mass Shooting Tracker, a crowd-sourced project of the anti-gun folks at the Guns Are Cool subreddit, lists 203 mass shooting events so far in 2015. Add in the shooting at a Louisiana movie theater last night and you get 204. Incidentally, yesterday [July 23rd] was the 204th day of the year.” — Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post

  1. Yeah. And there’s some difference in ‘mass shooting’ definition. Follow the link to ‘Mass Shooting Tracker’ to see how they take the words literally, whereas ‘mass shooting’ is commonly used to mean ‘mass murder.’


  2. Another post I can’t “like.” The Washington Post laments mass shootings as under-reported, after failing to report each of them in a timely manner. It’s nonsense.

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