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Last night I attended one of the Bernie House Parties in Holiday, Florida. A warm, cheery home was filled to the brim with 25 Bernie supporters, as we chatted, snacked, and viewed Bernie’s grassroots organizing kickoff address via live stream.

After the video, folks had an opportunity to Volunteer for Bernie on a handy laptop open to the Bernie 2016 website. Everyone mixed and discussed local, state, and national politics – mostly from the progressive point of view. From retirees to college students, almost everyone agreed the #1 issue is money in politics.

Simultaneously, more than 100,000 Bernie supporters gathered at 3,500 grassroots house parties from Maine to Hawaii – the largest online organizing event of the 2016 campaign, so far. The house parties aimed to help people get deeply involved in Sanders’ presidential campaign, as well as to mobilize the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

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