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Grayson: End Medicare’s Ban on Coverage for Eyes, Ears and Teeth

Rep. Alan Grayson (FL-D) wants to repeal Medicare’s ban on providing coverage for seniors when it comes to their vision, hearing and dental health needs.

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  • Of course this is an important need for seniors. But it does cost money. I’m sure there are actuaries who could do an estimate about how much this will cost annually. Then the payroll tax should be adjusted accordingly. My preference would be to put a surcharge on just the amount of salary over $200,000. Everyone’s salary under $200,000 (including millionaires) would be protected from surcharge. Then JUST for the salary OVER $200,000 an eyes,ears,teeth surcharge of some amount (1/2%?, less?,more?) whatever is needed would be taxed and this would be dedicated for senior’s eye,ear,dental care. And since the estimate would be just that, an estimate, the surcharge amount would need to be adjusted each year to cover the actual costs of the vision,audio,dental needs of seniors. Instead of just setting an amount and never changing it for decades, waiting til it’s way in the red and screaming it’s broke, the end of America, must cut it, end it, etc.

    If Americans screech about the cost, and decide we don’t want our seniors to have this care, I’m sure Americans will make that known.

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    I’ve always found it ironic that Medicare bans coverage for the most common ailments of old age: namely hearing, vision and dental problems.

    Increasingly elderly people simply do without hearing aids, glasses and dental care because of the cost. I find this incredibly sad because hearing and vision problems cause social isolation in the elderly, which significantly increases depression and suicide ideation. Whereas dental abscesses often lead to serious medical problems that are usually far more expensive to treat.

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