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Bernie Sanders House Parties Make the Big-Time News

Did your see some of the press about Bernie’s Wednesday night House Parties? Even the mainstream media noticed. Watch the CBS piece — it’s awesome.

CBS News: Supporters “Feel the Bern” at live-streamed house parties

New York Times: Bernie Sanders Hosts a Nationwide House Party for Over 100,000 Would-Be Foot Soldiers

Washington Post: Senator Sanders tries 3,500 parties to drum up support for 2016 bid

Time Magazine: Bernie Sanders Hosts Biggest Organizing Event of 2016 So Far

ABC News: Bernie Sanders Claims 100,000 Involved in Mega-Grassroots Event

If you’d like to be involved with Bernie’s campaign, go to to volunteer.

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  • Bernie Sanders is over 70 years old, and for those who believe in natural law the elders are the leaders of societies. This means the “wisdom of the elders” so, thus far in the 2016 presidential race, Mr. Sanders, because of the fact that he’s the most life experience, should be the choice of voters. Any rational person, upon listening to Bernie speak, knows the man is the most capable of all candidates to lead with wisdom.

    • Some Sanders’ critics fault him for lack of polish (among other things), but I think Bernie’s wisdom really shows in his authenticity. Why project an image, …when you’re the real deal? … and Democratic Socialism is a good thing?

      I hope his down-to-earth attitude rubs off on people. (All that glitters is not gold!) If elected, I don’t think Bernie will disappoint his supporters, but he’ll shock everyone else.

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