Their Greed Is Our Ally

Their Greed Is Our Ally

A ‘must-read’ on the threats and advances surrounding current political and social issues. Click the title link below to read the full Popular Resistance Newsletter.

Their Greed Is Our Ally – Popular Resistance Newsletter

“The greed for money and power undermines those in the power structure, from politicians to big business and trade negotiators, and even police. While they may view greed as a strength – it drives corrupt politicians and big business to consistently push for more power and money – it can also be a weakness by leading them to overreach and expose their corruption.” — Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance

Topics Covered in Newsletter

  • Trade Stalls, Pushing TPP Into the Election Year
    • “The US is insisting on provisions that will protect the profits of pharmaceutical and other medical corporations and that will destroy some of the best healthcare systems in the world (Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand). The US is using its bully power to force the failed and abusive US market model of privatized healthcare on countries that have strong public health systems.”
  • On Medicare’s 50th Birthday, Healthcare in the US Changing for the Worse
    • “There is concern that the private health insurance industry is becoming more concentrated. Anthem Inc  announced its intent to buy Cigna Corp in a deal valued at $54.2 billion, creating the largest U.S. health insurer by membership. Three weeks ago Aetna Inc agreed to buy Humana Inc for $37 billion. Further concentration of the insurance industry is very likely to lead to higher prices and worse service.”
  • Inspiring Protests Against Shell Arctic Drilling Raise Public Awareness
    • “Shell and other oil companies are experiencing opposition to their continued extreme extraction practices because of immediate threats to the environment and because each additional project pushes the globe closer to the climate tipping point. The industry is under attack by concerned citizens and is trying to figure out how to respond, but at the same time prices for oil and gas are dropping and the reality of climate change and the demand for policies to address it are increasing.”
  • Police Violence Against Communities of Color and Poor
    • “Look with great pride at the #BlackLivesMatter movement – its growth, impressive leadership and accomplishments.  As the movement pushes for the radical transformation that is needed, it brings to light who is opposed to ending the injustice of abusive policing. It is the super-wealthy who gain power, privilege and wealth from inequality, from keeping people poor and keeping communities of color down. Once again we learn the connection between the corrupt economy and the corrupt government and racism. And, we also see that that the power structure fears the movement as we learn they have been monitoring the activities of the movement for the last year.”
  • Consensus Growing for Radical Change Not Mere Reform
    • Christian Parenti  writes about the roots of the American police state explaining: “At its heart, the new American repression is very much about the restoration and maintenance of ruling class power.” He describes the history of the economic divide that sends money to the top while impoverishing most Americans and how racism is used to divide people to keep them from focusing on the political and economic establishment.”
Written by
JoAnn Chateau
JoAnn Chateau

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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about Chester, the Alpha Bichon -- with a dash of humor and a dab of Poli-Sci. Her views and insights are tinted by a former profession in Counseling, Christian theological studies, and training in Library and Information Science. Retired now, JoAnn enjoys the creative life.


Chester is a scruffy little Bichon dog, with a congenial Napoleon Complex, and stars in "The Chester Chronicles." He sometimes reports independent Canine News -- NO corporate treats accepted, NO corporate bias. Woof!

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