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Sanders on the Importance of the Trade Union Movement in America

Bernie Sanders is on fire as he speaks to the 2015 SMART Business Agents’ Conference about the importance of the trade union movement in America.

“The trade union movement in America is, literally,  the last line of defense against Big Money’s complete takeover of the United States of America… At the top of my agenda, is to say to Corporate America, ‘If you want us to buy your products, you damn well better start producing those products here in the United States of America.” [Standing ovation.] — Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sander’s Agenda to Reverse Decline of Middle Class

  • Major federal jobs program: Rebuilding infrastructure
  • Make it easier for workers to form a union: Pass Card Check legislation
  • Raise minimum wage to $15 an hour: So 40-hour work weeks are within reach of more people
  • Guaranteed paid family and medical leave: To support family values

Final Note on Worker Solidarity

“We are a great country. When we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. When they divide us up, there is nothing we can accomplish. Our job is to bring working people together, all races, all countries of origin, whatever it may be. Let’s stand together and create the nation that you and I know that we can become… The trade union movement is going to lead us in the right direction.” — Sen. Bernie Sanders

‘Which Side Are You On’

Bernie Sanders references the song ‘Which Side Are You On’ in his speech. Here it is, sung by the great Pete Seeger.

‘Which Side Are You On’ is a famous union song that was written in 1931 by Florence Reece, wife of United Mine Workers union organizer Sam Reece.


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