As promised, comedian/actress Amy Schumer is doing something about gun control – with her cousin Sen. Chuck Schumer. On Monday, the two held a press conference to promote the Senator’s gun control bill.

“The American actress Amy Schumer has called on the US to take more action on gun control, after last month’s shooting in Louisiana. Gunman John Houser opened fire in a cinema killing two women, during a screening of Schumer’s film Trainwreck. The actress urged the American public to support a gun control bill sponsored by her second cousin Senator Charles Schumer.” — BBC News

Comedian Amy Schumer and Sen. Chuck Schumer Join Forces on Gun Control

“The comedian’s voice shook as she spoke from the podium, refusing to mention the name of the man accused of the shooting. ‘We never know why people choose to do these painful things, but sadly we always find out how,’ said Schumer, before adding that Sen. Schumer’s proposed legislation would address the ‘how.’ A sign on the stage read ‘Schumer & Schumer: Enough is Enough.’” — Helena Andrews, The Washington Post

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s 3-Point Plan to Curb Gun Violence

  • Strengthening background checks for those looking to purchase firearms
  • Continued funding of mental health programs
  • Monetary rewards for states that submit all records to the background check system and penalize states that don’t