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World’s Glaciers Melting Faster Than Ever before Recorded, Study Finds

“A century’s worth of data.

That’s how much researchers looked at for a new study — which showed that the world’s glaciers are melting faster than scientists think they ever have before, and that even if global warming stopped today, they would continue to melt.

The observations show that “the rates of early 21st-century [glacial] mass loss are without precedent on a global scale, at least for the time period observed and probably also for recorded history,” according to the study from the World Glacier Monitoring Service, based in Zurich.

The study, published last week in the Journal of Galciology, looked at more than 5,000 measurements since 1850.” — Samantha Page, Climate Progress

Ende Gelände – Introducing… Fania

“Introducing Fania Noël from Paris – one of over 1000 people from all over Europe travelling to the Rhineland in solidarity with those fighting to keep coal in the ground and protect the climate.” —

Naomi Klein: Obama Is Beginning to Sound like a Climate Leader, When Will He Act like One?

“As scientists warn 2015 is on pace to become the Earth’s hottest year on record, President Obama has unveiled his long-awaited plan to slash carbon emissions from U.S. power plants. Under new Environmental Protection Agency regulations, U.S. power plants will be required to cut emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. In addition, new power plants will be required to be far cleaner, which could effectively prevent any new coal plants from opening. But does the plan go far enough? We speak to Naomi Klein, author of the best-selling book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, which is out in paperback today.” — Democracy Now!

Naomi Klein on Visiting the Vatican & the Radical Economic Message behind Papal Climate Encyclical

“Following the publication of Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change, a major conference on climate change was held at the Vatican. Speakers included our guest, Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. We speak to Klein about her trip to the Vatican and the importance of the pope’s message – not only on climate change, but the global economy.” — Democracy Now!


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