Creative Actions – Violinist Lili Haydn, Poet Matt Sedillo, Filmmaker Peter Joseph, Bus Stop Bench Project

Creative Actions – Violinist Lili Haydn, Poet Matt Sedillo, Filmmaker Peter Joseph, Bus Stop Bench Project - Resistance

Creative actions reach our hearts through humor, music, and visual art. Artistic activists help us peel-off our critical thinking caps, and open-up to new ideas and perspectives.

Lili Haydn: Humanitarian and Music Activist

Violinist Lili Haydn has been dubbed the ‘Jimi Hendrix of the violin.’ A humanitarian and activist, Haydn recently performed at the Medicare 50th anniversary celebration in Los Angeles.

A good portion of Haydn’s spare time is devoted to keeping up with foreign policy, current events, and world crisis. She says, “DemocracyNow! and TruthDig are always open on my browser… Human rights are really my passion.”

The song I am a Man was inspired by the signs that the sanitation workers carried when they marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement, declaring their human dignity.

Haydn believes that music opens peoples’ hearts. “My theory is that most bad behavior comes from people not feeling they have enough, not feeling themselves. So, I think what music does, is it makes people feel themselves a little bit more. And when you start to feel yourself, you can feel the person in front of you a little bit more.”

Matt Sedillo: Revolutionary Poet

“Revolutionary Poet Matt Sedillo performs his piece “Here is a Nation” then talks to us about poetry, activism and some interesting hecklers.” —

Filmaker Peter Joseph: Social Activist

“Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist Trilogy talks about his new project, the movement and his artistic and technological expression.” —


Bus Stop Bench Project

“The Anti-Advertising Agency and Packard Jennings’ Oakland based Bus Stop Bench Ad Project has 2 parts. For the first part, the Agency created a survey to poll residents in the neighborhoods surrounding 10 Oakland bus stops regarding what advertising tactics they found most bothersome in their neighborhoods. Then Jennings developed targeted illustrations for each neighborhood and the team installed the work.” — Steve Lambert, Anti-Advertising Agency

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